School of SRE

School of SRE

School of SRE

Hi folks, today I want to share a simple tip about this great study material, about SRE practices.

We can explore and contribute about this material as released by LinkedIn SRE teams.

You can access the material at this link: School of SRE

Currently they are covering the following topics under the School Of SRE:

  • Fundamentals Series
  • Linux Basics
  • Git
  • Linux Networking
  • Python and Web
  • Data
  • Relational databases(MySQL)
  • NoSQL concepts
  • Big Data
  • Systems Design
  • Security

I hope you enjoy this free and high quality material!

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Thank You and until the next one! 😉👍

Published on Dec 15, 2020 by Vinicius Moll

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