Devops What Is Devops

Devops What Is Devops

Devops What Is Devops

What is DevOps?

This is sometimes a very common applied term that can be misunderstood.


DevOps is an IT management philosophy that seeks to improve and speed up the delivery of software and services to users.

While Developers have adopted frameworks such as Agile to enable rapid “sprints” of software development, IT Operations has typically lagged in their ability to safely deploy the results of these “sprints.”

DevOps proposes to improve the situation by removing the silos between IT teams, and adopting a product-centric approach that emphasizes automation and tooling to speed up, and make more safe, the mechanical tasks of testing and deploying software.

DevOps often necessitates serious cultural changes in an organization, and benefits from the use of specialized tools that help to implement its many techniques and approaches.

DevOps seeks to reduce time to delivery, enabling IT teams to rapidly evolve their software in short bursts, and quickly deploy those into production.


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Published on Jul 03, 2020 by Vinicius Moll

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